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GPCR-Ligand Correlation Map
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The superfamily of G-protein coupled receptors (GPCRs) forms the largest class of cell surface receptors and regulates various cellular functions responsible for physiological responses. GPCRs represent one of the most important targets for modern drugs. Over 200 human-derived GPCRs still remain "orphans" with no identified natural ligands and functions, and dentifying new ligands of such orphan GPCRs are drawing more and more attractions in recent drug discovery.

GLIDA is a database we have developed for those who work in the field of GPCRs-related drug discovery and need information on both GPCRs and their known ligands and have the following features: 1) A complex information system covering biological information of GPCRs as well as chemical information of their known ligands. 2) Two starting points : Enterable either by GPCR search or ligand search. 3) Cross-searchable between GPCRs and their ligands. The pages of GLIDA are continuesly updated.

GLIDA: GPCR-ligand database for chemical genomics drug discovery-database and tools update(Nucleic Acids Research)
GLIDA Manual(PDF 711K)