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Department of Systems Bioscience for Drug Discovery
With the near completion of the human genome sequencing, bioinformatics and chemoinformatics are expected as promising tools in genome-based drug discovery. Because bioinformatics and chemoinformatics have developed independently, it is necessary to integrate these in order to apply them to the drug development. We are aiming at the creation and the education of a new field of research, gPharmacoInformaticsh. We are now developing the new data mining methods enumerated in the following. The mining concept provides a new potential technique of chemical genomics information to assist in integration of genomic data with chemical and medicinal knowledge and to realize the genome-based drug discovery. 1. Exploration into chemical space, 2. In silico drug discovery based on chemical genomics, 3.Inference and analysis of the biological network, 4. Data mining for the omics data, 5. Development of navigation system for integrative education of pharmacy.

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